IRRI Training on Mitigation in Rice Production

Event Date and time

Mon, Dec 4 2017
to Fri, Dec 8 2017


IRRI Headquarters, Phillipines

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Rice Production: Technical Options and MRV Guidelines (Measurement, Reporting, Verification)

This training course will cover the broad facets and relevant issues around climate change in Southeast Asia. Building on the concept of climate-smart agriculture, the course will provide a good understanding of the manifold co-benefits mitigation and adaptation in rice production systems that can be applied in consideration of local conditions and capacities with the broader objective of ensuring a food secure future.

The training concept comprises a combination of lectures, field demonstration, and individual case studies to be developed by each of the trainees. The case studies would allow for immediate application of concepts and knowledge learned, and these will feed into the establishment of a mitigation project in rice production at the community level.

The course is intended for mid-career (or higher) professionals who directly work on climate change programs/projects in the areas of research, governance, and policy.

For more details, contact:
Ms. Achu Arboleda