Capacity to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture is currently limited in many regions of the world. One aim of the SAMPLES program is to help build the institutional and human capacity to carry out such assessments and evaluate other agriculture-environment issues.

Climate Food and Farming Network (CLIFF)

The Climate Food and Farming Network (CLIFF) is an international research network that links researchers and doctoral students working on climate change mitigation and adaptation in small-scale farming and food systems. CLIFF was launched by CCAFS in 2011 in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Ecology at University of Copenhagen and the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University. Read more

Latin America Greenhouse gas Mitigation Network (LAMNET) Research Network

The Latin America Greenhouse gas Mitigation Network (LAMNET) Research Network invites students from Latin American countries, currently enrolled in PhD programs, to apply for grants to attend a short course on greenhouse gas mitigation and also to conduct greenhouse gas measurements in livestock and rice production systems. During the course, students learn approaches used in the SAMPLES research program to evaluate options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from rice and livestock systems. The first LAMNET short course will take place in July 2015.

Livestock and climate change: Workshop on successes in implementing ‘climate-smart’ livestock systems

2-3 February 2015

80 participants from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda convened at the ILRI campus in Nairobi to discuss how to implement climate-smart livestock systems. Improving estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock systems and mitigation options was a focus of the workshop. Read more

In an important first for Africa, climate data ‘Made in Kenya’

The first research center of its kind in Africa is expected to generate more cost-effective and precise greenhouse gas emissions measurements for Kenya. Even better: It could lay the groundwork for other similar efforts across the continent. Read more

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